Student Voice

Student Voice

Here at St Michael's CofE Junior School we listen to our students and try to involve them in helping to make the decisions that affect them, now and in the future.

We opperate a Student Council, Family Captain Scheme and now have newly appointed 'playground peers' and 'New Arrival Ambassadors'. We also have representatives to 'Tweet' on Twitter about their day to day experiences.


New Arrival Ambassadors

Below is a list of our New Arrival Ambassadors. These children are receiving training from EMTAS  to support children who enter our school mid-year and to be a support in helping them settle in.  

 Year 3  Darley A
   Fred B
   Faith H
   David O
   Manjot W
   Rebecca W
 Year 4  Riley G
   Brandon H
   Nisa K
   Archie McK
 Year 5  Levi H
   Sahil H
   Demi T


Playground Peers







Our newly elected playground peers are:




 Dexter D-S  Nicole C  Kelly N
 Lizzie K  Zak P  Ethan J
 Jack G  Archie D-S   Jess S
 Annanicea B  Ella G  Angela G
 Cadance E  Harry B  Lara A
 Martha D  Elise P  Jason A
 Vivien N  Kian P  Maheen R
 Zack M  Prosper A  Rachel K
 Donnerley M  Eva U  Destiny B
 Talitha J  Archie V  Maisie S








School Council

School Council Representatives

  Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6

R Greenway

R Wilson

R Goolding

T Walker (Secretary)


S Rasbid

D Davis

F Chandler

G Sladen (Chair)

Winchester L Szczerba N Merrick

J Gear

I Bowden (Vice)







Family Captains




 Sophie C  Jack B  Amelie D
 Cadance E  Amelia C  Millie P
 Callum H  Kayleigh F  Jayden T


Class Tweeters





 Year 3







 Year 4







 Year 5







 Year 6