Competition Time!

Our eco monitors are doing a fabulous job, but as a school we need to cut down on our wasted energy.

Our competition is to find a new screen saver for all school monitors that will remind pupils and staff to turn off computers and boards when they are not in use.

Simply design a screen saver that will grab the user’s attention and make them remember to turn off their computer.  You can either draw this by hand or use a computer programme like power point or word to create you screen saver.  Please remember that you can only use other people’s images if they are copyright free.

Entries should be handed into the office by 14 December 2016.  Please remember to ensure your name and class on the back of your entry.

If you have any questions please speak to Mrs Tomlin. 


Energy Monitors

As part of our eco drive St. Michael's CE Junior School have energy monitors in each class.  

Simple acts such as shutting doors on cold days, turning lights off in rooms that are not in use and ensuring computers are fully switched off at the end of the day, not only reduces the school's carbon footprint but ensures that money is not being wasted and can be used for the benefit of the children's education.



At St. Michael's CE Junior School we try to ensure as much of our waste is recycled as possible.  Recycling bins are used throughout the school, and even the tea bags from the staff room are recycled.  We also have a box for recycling batteries.