Meet the Governors

St Michael’s CE Junior School Governors

One of the main functions of the Governing Body is to be a critical friend to the Headteacher and the School Leadership Team.  

We monitor the School Development Plan and comment on areas of strength or weakness in it and its implementation. We do not get involved in the day to day administration of school life – that is the Headteacher’s responsibility.

We monitor the finances of the school – keeping an eye on expenditure and holding the Headteacher to account for monies spent and also giving advice on purchasing larger items (e.g. interactive white boards to make sure that the school is getting value for money spent).

We work with the school leadership to make sure that the school is as safe a place as is possible for both staff and pupils and that up to date policies are in place for a wide variety of areas of school life.

At our meetings we receive reports from staff members about aspects of school life (and don’t just listen but ask challenging questions) and we aim to follow up on all of that by trying to visit the school and see for ourselves elements of school life. We glean information about the school by doing pupil conferencing and sometimes sitting in the classroom to listen and learn.

We come from a variety of backgrounds and serve a 4 year term on the Governing Body which may be renewed. To keep ourselves up to date with the multitude of changes that are made by central government we attend training courses provided by the County and the Diocese (don’t forget that we are a church school). 

We are involved in the appointment of staff (and particularly in the appointment of the Headteacher) and our Pay Panel works with the Headteacher on the implementation of pay scales for the staff.


There are 12 members of the Governing Body

* 2 Foundation Governors - appointed by the church

* 1 Parent Governor – elected by the parent body

* 1 Staff Governor – elected by the staff

* 1 Local Authority Governor

* 6 Co-opted Governors – appointed by the Governors.

We also have an Associate Member (who serves for a year) appointed by the Governing Body.

If you would like to know more about the Governing Body of the school please do not hesitate to ask us.  Detailed below are the names of our current Governors, a little synopsis of those you may not know.


Rev Tom Moore: 

Role:  Clergyman in the local parish (a Foundation Governor). 

Term of Office:  I became a Foundation Governor at St Michael’s Junior in March 2009 and my term of office as a Foundation Governor expires in March 2021).

Background:  I am the curate in our Parish and was asked by my then colleague if I would be prepared to become a Foundation Governor (appointed by the Parish) at St Michael’s Juniors. I was born and educated abroad and have no children so it has been a massive challenge for me to get to grips with Governance and the responsibilities that  come with it. I am fortunate in that I have been able to make being a Governor an integral part of my life as a  Clergyperson. 

Committees: TBA.



Mrs Caroline Capper: 

Role: Co-Opted Governor, previously Parent Governor.

Term of Office: I have been a Governor since 2009 and have recently started a new term of office as a Co-Opted Governor.

Background: I initially became a Parent Governor whilst my two children attended St Michael's Junior School, to help support the School's development and to be involved in the local community. Over the years I have assisted with several school trips, listened to children reading in school and been involved in various activities within the classroom. I work for the NHS as a Senior Administrator.

Committees: Chair of the Teaching and Learning Committee and Full Governing Body meetings.



Mr Derrick Copes: 

Role: Foundation Governor, Chair of the School Resources Committee.

Term of Office:  September 2011 - March 2019.

Background: I have been School Governor at St Michael's Juniors since Sept 2011 after first becoming involved with Parent Forum. Three of my children have attended St Michael’s in the 17 years I have lived in Aldershot. I have had the chance to watch the school evolve over the years, which like most parents, is how my interest in schools and education began. Based on what I have experienced I have always found it to be a welcoming, progressive and fun learning environment.  I have been involved in many school activities over the years as a parent and a Governor and am happy to help St Michael’s and serve our community, in any way I can. I have worked in several completely different jobs through my working life and currently work within Public Transport industry in customer services.  In the rare spare time that I have, I can be found practising playing the scales on my Bass, badly.

Committees: Chair of School Resources and Full Governing Body.


Mr Bob Brown: 

Role: A retired secondary school teacher (our LEA Governor).

Term of Office: Until March 2020

Background: I worked as a technology teacher in a Surrey secondary school. Besides teaching I held the post of Health and Safety representative for my union. Since retiring I have been a governor of St Michael's. With the benefit of knowledge gained in my union activities I have taken a strong interest in all aspects of Health and Safety at St Michael's. 

I believe that children learn best in a safe, secure environment and this is paramount in my work at St Michael's.  

Committees: Teaching and Learning Committee.



Mrs Charmaine Lynch: 

Role: Staff Governor, Assistant Head-teacher, Inclusion Manager, DDSL and SENCo.

Term of Office: November 2013 – November 2017.

Background: Before I became a teacher I was a Governor at another local primary school and really enjoyed helping to shape the direction of a school and bring a different perspective to the role.  I have worked at St. Michael’s CE Junior for 8 years and when the opportunity arose for a staff governor I felt I wanted to offer my experience and knowledge to the role.  I have a grown up daughter who has a physical disability and this experience has shaped my career within special educational needs.

Committees: School Development Committee.




Mrs Rhiannon Ellis-Davis: 

Role:  Associate Governor and Deputy Headteacher.

Term of Office:  I took up the role of Staff Governor in September 2011 and stood down in September 2013 and became an Associate Governor.

Background:  I joined the school as Deputy Headteacher in September 2011 and am now working 3 days a week in the role after having 2 children.

Committees: I attend the Teaching and Learning Committee and the FGB when required. 





Mrs Lucy Morgan: 

Role: Co-opted governor (SEN and Data governor)

Term of Office: Until 20/05/2020

Background: I have 10 years experience of being a primary school teacher and currently teach part time in a school in Surrey, but live locally to St. Michael’s School with my husband and two young children. I have a Master’s degree in Professional Studies in Education, which focused on Special Educational Needs (SEN) and also have the personal experience of having a brother with SEN, which gives me knowledge and experience to bring to St. Michael’s in my role as SEN governor.

My professional knowledge and understanding of the education system helps me to challenge and support the leaders at St. Michael’s.

Committees: I am a member of the Teaching and Learning Committee. 


Mrs Katrina Gibson: 

Role: Parent Governor (whose children still attend the school), Co-Chair.

Term of Office: November 2015 - November 2019.

Background: I have two boys at the School and therefore decided to apply for a Governor role to enable me to support the school and learn more about the education system. I have worked in a variety of marketing and management roles, since graduating, within both the commercial and charity sectors; as well as being a mum (the most challenging/ rewarding job of all!). Hopefully this mix of experience equips me with a useful perspective to bring to the governor's table.

Committees: I am now the Vice Chair of the Teaching and Learning Committee (which monitors the standards and quality of educational provision at the school). I am also a Co-opted Governor at St Michael's Infant school, where I have been working with the Board for four years.  



Ms Jane Gardner: 

Role:  Co-opted Governor, Development and Training Governor. 

Term of Office: November 2015 - November 2019

Background: I applied to be a school governor as I wanted to use skills I'd gained in my career to contribute to a school's development and work with my fellow governors to make a positive difference. I have a particular interest in St. Michael's Juniors as friends' children go to school here. My work experience is broad and includes marketing, HR (with a focus on learning and development), finance and management. I currently work in higher education. 

Committees:  I am a member of the School Resources Committee and also attend the Teaching and Learning Committee meetings when I can.



Mrs Julie Halket: 

Role:  Co-opted Governor.

Term of Office:  November 2015 - November 2019.

Background:  Essentially I have five children! 2 of my own grown up and married, 2 of my husbands and two grandsons, one of whom lives with me. I enjoy singing, dancing, all music and holidays! I work part time as a self-employed PA and also enjoy the role of being a Governor as it enables me to interact with children of all ages and to help to be a critical friend to the school along with the many different people in it. I am learning more about safeguarding as I feel it is paramount to keep our children safe.

Committees: I am on the safeguarding and pay & performance committee, as well as the Teaching and Learning Committee. I am a member of the PTA and have been for the last 3 years and also attend some parent forum meetings in my role as a governor.



Mrs Rachel Aves:

Role: A Co-opted Governor, Co-Chair.

Term of Office:  November 2015 - November 2019.

Background:  I have lived in Aldershot for most of my life and attended St Michael's Junior School. Currently living very close to the school I am glad to be able to utilise some of my professional skills and experiences, working in a Finance role in London, for the benefit of my community and local school. I hope to continue to become more engaged with the school; staff, students and parents, and am looking forward to working with the other members of the Full Governing Body over the next few years  to make a difference at the school where we can.

Committees: Vice Chair of School Resources Committee.




Mrs Linda McBrearty:

Role: Clerk to Governors.

Background: Details about our new Clerk to Governors will be added soon.